10 Gluten Free Pantry Essentials

Photo: Rainchurch [CC license via Flickr.com/photos/rainchurch/]

Let’s be honest — it’s ideal to have lots of fresh fruit and vegetables on hand, but if you haven’t been to the grocery store or market within a few days, you may not have that much fresh produce in your house.

The items on this list keep for several days or more and can be used creatively to make some very satisfying dishes and snacks, especially if you’re in a pinch.

• Potatoes
• Rice
• Eggs
• Avocados
• Canned tuna (check the label to make sure it’s gluten free)
• Fresh mushrooms
• Old cheddar
• Apples
• Butter
• Sweet onions

The list may seem bare-bones, but think about it — if you’re stuck for a meal idea and you have butter, eggs and mushrooms, you can always whip up a nice omelet. Potatoes, onions and cheese make a lovely fried potato hash. Tuna and avocados go nicely together, especially if you have a gluten free corn tostada to pile them onto. Throw some old cheddar on that and stick it under the grill and you’ve got a lovely tuna melt. Apple slices and cheese make a great snack. And toss your rice with mushrooms and butter and you’ve got a delicious lunch.

There’s no need to feel hungry when your cupboards are stocked with just a few basics.

What are your gluten free must-haves? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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