Editorial Policy

At Life After Gluten, we value one thing above all else: our readers’ trust.

We believe it’s essential to earn and maintain your trust through sound, accurate, and verified information. We also believe it’s essential to be clear about our advertising practices.

First and foremost: If an advertiser has had input on any content on our site, you, the reader, will see clear and unequivocal wording indicating that input.

If a post or a piece of information does not indicate that an advertiser or sponsor has had input on the content, then no advertiser or sponsor has influenced that content.

Life After Gluten does not accept payment for reviews. Our reviews are frank, honest, and fully independent. Third party companies do not have any editorial influence over what we write. We reserve the right to review any product, regardless of any existing advertising relationship with any brand.

Life After Gluten uses in-stream advertising content (meaning posts that appear within the editorial stream). This content is always clearly identified by one of two highly visible subheads that reads SPONSORED or PROMOTED.

Here’s what those terms refer to:

  • Sponsored Posts – These are ordinary posts you might see on the site on any given day; they are created with full editorial independence by our editorial team; this content does not reference an advertiser or its products, but is funded by an advertiser. The sponsor does not review or approve this post prior to publication.
  •  Promoted Posts – These may be created by our advertising team, in conjunction with the advertiser; the content may also be created by the advertiser. The content may be value-added information, loosely about (or related to) the advertiser or its products, or may be about the advertiser or its products.

If you have any questions or concerns about our editorial policies, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@lifeaftergluten.ca.