Gluten Hack – Takeout Pizza Tip

Ordering GF pizzaMore chain pizzerias are offering “gluten free” pizzas on their menus every day, including Greco, Pizza Hut, Pizzatown, and Boston Pizza.

Some chains offer a caution that their pizzas cannot be “guaranteed” gluten free because of the risk of cross-contamination; others note that they’re “careful” to keep gluten free products from coming into contact with gluten sources.

But if you’re feeling confident enough to order a takeout pizza some evening, here’s a handy bit of advice to keep yourself just a little bit safer:

Ask the restaurant not to slice your pizza before they deliver it or you pick it up.

Pizza shop staffers may grab the same pizza cutter – possibly even unconsciously – during a busy service. If you take control over the slicing, you can be confident that your pizza is at least one notch safer.

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