Gluten Hack – Takeout Burgers

Gluten free hamburger bun
Photos: Angela Mombourquette

When I was first diagnosed with celiac, I thought I’d never eat another takeout hamburger again, but I’ve since discovered that there are a couple of takeout places in my city that make gluten free hamburgers. The counter and kitchen staff at these places seem to have a good understanding of gluten and cross-contamination issues, so I feel pretty comfortable eating their food.

One of the problems I’ve found with takeout burgers, though, is that I generally end up eating only a small part of the top and bottom buns because they’re often soggy, crumbly, or just don’t taste that good.

So, here’s my hack:

To overcome the soggy factor, I order my burger with nothing on it and take it home so I can add the condiments myself. (Many takeout joints spread the condiments directly on the bun, which is not a good idea with gluten free bread.)

When I get my burger home, I scoop the bread guts out of the top and bottom buns. That leaves a lot less bread behind, which means you have more chance of tasting the burger — which is really what you’re there for, isn’t it?

And finally, I drop the hollowed-out bun sections into my dedicated gluten free toaster for a few minutes to really crisp up the edges and add a little more texture and flavour to the whole thing.

It all makes for a much more enjoyable meal, with a lot less complaining from me.

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