Is Your Chewing Gum Gluten Free?

Chewing Gum
Photo: Angela Mombourquette

by Charmaine Dymond

Chewing gum might seem like one of life’s simple pleasures, but it’s not quite so simple if you have celiac. Before you start chewing, it’s important to find out whether your gum is gluten free.


Two companies make most of the popular brands of gum in Canada: Mondelez Canada and Wrigley.

And are their gums gluten free? The short answer is: officially, no. Want the long answer? Here you go.

Mondelez Canada’s chewing gum brands: Trident, Dentyne, Clorets, Bubblicious, Chiclets and Stride.

Any ingredients containing gluten will be listed on the label, following Health Canada regulations.

A customer service representative told us that none of Mondelez’s gums contain gluten.

But they do not guarantee that their products are gluten free because “we sometimes purchase flavouring, color or spice ingredients from suppliers who do not list every possible source of gluten beyond what is required by law.”

If cross-contamination is a potential issue, they will identify this in a “may contains” statement following the ingredient list.

Wrigley’s chewing gum brands in Canada: 5 Gum, Extra, Excel, Freedent, Hubba Bubba, Juicy Fruit, and Doublemint.

Any ingredients containing gluten will be listed on the label, following Health Canada regulations.

None of the Wrigley gum brands we checked (Doublemint, Juicy Fruit and Excel) have gluten identified on the ingredient list.

But a representative from Wrigley’s Corporate Affairs for Canada department told us that their gum products are not gluten free and their gums have not been tested for gluten. This testing is necessary to make a gluten free claim in Canada.

But all is not lost! We’ve found you two brands of gum available in Canada that are gluten free according to Health Canada regulations: PUR Gum and Glee Gum. We’ve confirmed that these gums do not contain gluten, are made in a gluten free environment, and are tested to confirm that any level of gluten is below 20 ppm.

Just make sure you check the label before you buy for the most up-to-date information. Happy chewing!

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