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Cold Quinoa Puffs - Gluten Free cerealGogo Quinoa – Quinoa Puffs

File this under: Tastes okay once you get used to it. (That’s the mantra uttered at least once a week by every gluten free person on the planet, by the way.)

This product – which contains a single ingredient: certified organic quinoa – is sold as a breakfast cereal. The label indicates that it is manufactured in wheat-free, rye-free, oat-free and barley-free factory premises. The product is also fairly traded, meaning that, as the label reads, it “complies with international standards recognized by Fair Trade organisations; notably a fair price paid to quinoa growers.”

I poured some into a bowl and poured skim milk on top. First taste: dry and chewy, with an odd earthiness about it. I waited for the milk to soak in a bit, and the next bite was a little less dry. Still, there was not really any flavour to speak of, apart from a vague nuttiness, so I did the only thing any reasonable person would do: I sprinkled a bunch of brown sugar on top.

Okay, now it was beginning to grow on me. You need to know this about me: I am not the type of person who will stick it out and eat something that tastes awful just because it’s good for me or because it’s gluten free and I’m hungry. So the fact that I kept eating was an indication that it wasn’t awful. Is that a glowing endorsement? Hardly. Still, I ate the whole bowl, so I have to say that, in the end, Quinoa Puffs were inoffensive. Will they become my go-to breakfast? No, not by a long shot. Will I ever eat them again? Maybe, if there’s plenty of brown sugar on hand.

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